Hindi lessons via skype

Namaste all, my name is Annapurna Singh.India is the Land of culture,tradition,and languages, and holding all this with me I have been teaching Hindi for more then 14 years now. I am blessed that I have been trained by my father and guru Mr Virendra Singh who has worked with University of Wisconsin and many other Hindi programs run in India as a Hindi instructor for many years.I offer Spoken Hindi lessons via  Skype for all levels from beginners to advanced students including Kids who wish to learn this beautiful language.Aside from grammar, I focus more on conversational Hindi, helping the learners prepare for real-life situations they will encounter in India as I strongly believe that one can learn any language with more fun and faster way through this practical and helpful approach to connect with locals and blend perfectly with the place . Have a wonderful  day.

skype ID: annurajasthani

e-mail: annurajasthani@hotmail.com

e-mail  annusinghraj@gmail.com

For student testimonies, feel free to contact

Janna White (janna.rose@gmail.com)

Andy Rotman (arotman@smith.edu)

Oliver Stuenkel (oliver.stuenkel@post.harvard.edu)

Nuno Aguirre (nuno.aguirre@gmail.com)

Om Marino (ommarino@gmail.com)

Emily Bielecki (emilyb56@gmail.com)

Laura Simmonds (lauras228@hotmail.com

Peter Theis (pjtheis@gmail.com)

Katherine Gonsalves(katherine.halfacre@gmail.com)

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